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Helping Those in Need this Easter: The Ottawa Mission Serves Thousands in our Community

Ottawa, ON – During the Ottawa Mission’s annual Easter dinner, which was held on April 22, the shelter served 2,659 meals to those in need in our community. On a yearly basis, The Mission serves almost 479,000 meals to shelter residents and members of the community at large.

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In addition to warm and nutritious food, the Easter meal provides a sense of shared community to those who may otherwise not only go hungry, but also find themselves alone. On the menu was: 2200 lbs prime rib with horseradish; 2500 Yorkshire puddings; 2500 baked potatoes with sour cream; 250 lbs of glazed baby carrots; 250 lbs of peas garnished with diced roasted red peppers; 350 assorted fruit pies with whip cream; 50 gallons of gravy; and 100 vegetarian quiches.

Research suggests that two-thirds or more of people who are homeless are food insecure, greatly increasing their risk of serious physical and mental health conditions. “We are doing our part to support the most vulnerable in our community by keeping people healthy through our meal program,” said Ottawa Mission Executive Director Peter Tilley. With the reduction in other community meal programs, the Mission is monitoring how this may impact the shelter’s meal services.

“Over 100 dedicated volunteers and also our exceptional kitchen staff worked very hard to ensure that everyone had a delicious prime rib dinner. Our great frontline staff went the extra mile today so that all who entered our Mission could be accommodated. And special thanks to our donors and supporters who have been profoundly generous in their continuing support of the Mission. A huge thank you to all,” Tilley concluded.

About The Ottawa Mission

Since 1906, The Ottawa Mission has been serving the homeless, the hungry and the lost by providing food, clothing, shelter and hope. In 2017, The Ottawa Mission sheltered an average of 236 men every night and served an average of 1,312 meals every day. The Ottawa Mission also provides health services, mental health programs, addiction treatment programs, hospice care, dental services, educational support, job training, spiritual care, and men’s clothing to thousands in need in our community.

For information, please contact:
Aileen Leo
Director of Communications
T 613.234.1144 x 305
C 613.712.3092