The Ottawa Mission believes that EVERYONE deserves a home. By working together, we have the power to change the underlying systemic issues that contribute to homelessness and housing insecurity in Ottawa.


As we navigate through a housing and homelessness, the Ottawa Mission seeks to mobilize community support to advocate for the implementation of fundamental policy changes. 

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Our latest report sheds light on the stark realities of homelessness and food insecurity in our city and across Canada. It seeks to spread awareness, mobilize community support, and advocate for the implementation of fundamental policy changes that address the needs of the community which we serve.


Summary Report

Explore the Executive Summary of our latest report to understand the critical issues of homelessness and food insecurity facing our community. Gain insights into our findings and the urgent actions needed.



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Housing and Food Insecurity in Ottawa

In 2020, The City of Ottawa declared a housing and homelessness emergency

From 2020 - 2023, the number of people sleeping outside quadrupled

For every one unit of housing built to be rented at $1000 per month in Ottawa, 31 are lost

Encampments are spreading across Ottawa, and the number of fires at these sites has risen from eight in 2022 to 19 in 2023

10% of shelter clients are employed

At least one third of Ottawa's shelter population is Indigenous

Across Ontario, rental and food inflation rates increases are highest in Ottawa at 12%

90% of families accessing the Mission’s food truck program reported some level of food insecurity

A family of four spent over $1,000 more on food from 2022 to 2023

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Mission Possible is a housing-focused advocacy initiative by The Ottawa Mission that aims to address the systematic factors that contribute to homelessness in our city. It provides meaningful opportunities to create change through action-driven events, educational resources, community building and personalized support.

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