Homelessness is an ongoing challenge that doesn’t have a simple fix. That said there is something you can do that for years to come will help those who walk through the doors of The Ottawa Mission—remember the Mission with a legacy gift.

It is Easy to Create Your Legacy

People often tell us they would like to do more to help. Charitable giving through your estate – often referred to as a legacy gift – is an additional way you can change the lives of homeless individuals in our community.

By creating a gift today to benefit The Ottawa Mission in future, you can help people who are homeless without affecting your current finances or financial plans. And the tax savings your estate will receive may even increase the amount of money you would be able to leave to your loved ones.

You can help us plan for the future.

Would you please take a moment to complete our questionnaire regarding your thoughts on our mission and our plans for the future.

The Ottawa Mission Foundation has partnered with ADVISORS with Purpose to offer complimentary, personal and confidential Estate Plan services to help you consider how you can best create a Will that reflects your faith, values and desires.

Through ADVISORS with Purpose, you have access to professional planned giving specialists who can help you think through your decisions regarding your estate.

These services are free to donors of The Ottawa Mission, and completely confidential.

 To receive a voucher for free estate planning services from ADVISORS with Purpose or for more information, please contact Christina Hunter Cadieux, Planned Giving Officer at 613.277.4902 or via email at chuntercadieux@ottawamission.com.

 ADVISORS with Purpose is a non-denominational Christian ministry organization committed to serving donors, charities and ministries to release more resources for God’s Kingdom.

A gift in your will (bequest) enables you to make a significant gift that you may not be able to do in your lifetime – a gift that will make a difference for years to come.

A gift in your will can be a specific amount of money or a specific asset. It can also be a percentage of the residue of your estate – the remainder to be distributed after other bequests are fulfilled.

What you need to know to leave a gift in your will

If you are drafting a will or codicil, you can make a gift to The Ottawa Mission Foundation by using wording such as the following:

I leave to The Ottawa Mission Foundation, P.O Box 7068, Stn. Vanier, Vanier, ON  K1L 8E2, or its successor, a (state share or percentage of estate, a specific amount of money, the specific securities you wish to leave, or a specific item or items.)  I direct this money be used as its Board of Directors chooses.

Please be sure to use our correct legal name in any will clause or codicil.

Our legal name:

The Ottawa Mission Foundation

Our location:

46 Daly Ave., Ottawa, ON K1N 6E4

Our mailing address:

P.O. Box 7068, Stn. Vanier, Vanier, ON K1L 8E2

Charitable Registration: #831058615RR0001

For more information on leaving a gift in your will, download our helpful information sheet.

A gift of life insurance may offer you great flexibility in supporting The Ottawa Mission Foundation.

Gift of an Existing Policy – You can transfer an existing policy by naming The Ottawa Mission Foundation as the owner and beneficiary. If the policy is completely paid up, you or The Ottawa Mission Foundation need pay no additional premiums. The tax receipt is issued for the cash surrender value of the policy plus any accumulated dividends and interest at the time of the transfer. If you continue to fund future premiums, these amounts will also be eligible for the donation credit.

Gift of a New Policy – You can choose to take out a new policy with The Ottawa Mission Foundation as owner and beneficiary. You must make the Foundation both the owner and the beneficiary.  If not, Canada Revenue Agency states that no gift has been made and no tax receipt can be issued. Under this arrangement, you pay the premiums and The Ottawa Mission Foundation issues an annual tax receipt for the premiums paid. The insurance proceeds will go directly to The Ottawa Mission Foundation upon your demise.

In addition, there are creative options for using life insurance proceeds as wealth replacement vehicles, replacing the value of a current gift in your estate so there is no impact on heirs.

For more information on gifts of insurance, download our helpful information sheet.

The Ottawa Mission Foundation gratefully accepts gifts in the form of securities.

Donating publicly traded securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual fund units is the least expensive and most tax efficient way to make a gift. You’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for the full value of your donation while eliminating the capital gain that may be owed if you were to sell the security outright.

To make a gift of securities and take advantage of the tax savings, please complete our Gift of Securities form and forward a copy to your brokerage firm as well as to Christina Hunter Cadieux, Planned Giving Officer at chuntercadieux@ottawamission.com or 613-234-1155.

Securities are equally tax-effective when given today or in the future through a bequest.

Donating registered assets such as a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) allows you to create a legacy for The Ottawa Mission – once your needs and those of your loves ones have been met. Donating all or part of an RRSP or RRIF is an effective way to reduce the taxes payable by your estate.

For more information on RRSP/RRIF Gifts, download our helpful information sheet.

With your permission, The Ottawa Mission Foundation will recognize your generosity through The Ottawa Mission Legacy Circle, a group of committed donors united by their long-term vision and desire to support the future of The Ottawa Mission through gifts in their will, insurance and/or trust arrangements.

We will, of course, honour all requests for anonymity.

Please contact Christina Hunter Cadieux, Planned Giving Officer at 613.277.4902 or via email at chuntercadieux@ottawamission.com to discuss your legacy gift and how we can recognize your contribution according to your personal wishes.

We have recruited volunteers from various professions – law, accounting, financial planning – to bring their professional knowledge to the legacy giving program at The Ottawa Mission. Our allied professionals provide invaluable technical expertise and allow us to remain abreast of developments in the regulatory environment as it applies to legacy giving.

Meet our allied professionals

Amy Alksnis
Brazeau Seller LLP

Amy provides valuable and practical solutions to clients by assisting them with all of their business and estate planning needs. To this end, Amy helps clients provide for their loved ones by translating the clients’ individual wishes and intentions into legal documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney for Property, Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Trust Deeds. By clearly articulating clients’ intentions and wishes, Amy provides clients with a predictable distribution of wealth accumulated during their lifetime, which serves to reduce the likelihood of future disputes. Once death or incapacity has occurred, Amy further assists clients’ loved ones in understanding those wishes and in understanding their obligations with respect to the administration of an incapable person’s affairs or the administration of the estate.

Susanne Greisbach, B.C.L, LL.B
Senior Advisor, Trust and Advisory Services
National Bank Trust

Susanne joined National Bank as a Senior Advisor in Trust and Advisory Services in 2016. Prior to joining National Bank, Susanne spent a number of years in a mid-sized firm in Ottawa working almost exclusively in the areas of Wills, Trusts, and Estates Law. At her firm, Susanne worked with high net worth clients and their trusted advisors in order to translate wishes and intentions into legal documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Trusts. Once death or incapacity occurred, Susanne provided guidance to ensure wishes were respected and any conflicts were resolved in a cost-effective, timely, and responsive manner. She brings this expertise to her role in assisting clients of National Bank through their estate plan review and use of trust services.

Eric Mia, CPA, CA
Tax Accountant at McIntyre & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants

Eric has practiced with McIntyre & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants since 2015, specializing in tax. He provides tax planning and compliance services for individuals, corporations, trusts, and estates. His expertise also includes corporate reorganizations, estate planning, and tax research. He primarily serves owner-managed businesses and high net worth individuals.

Eric began his career in 2013 at Pricewaterhouse coopers. He holds a graduate degree in public accountancy from the University of McGill, a BA from Bishops University, and received his CPA, CA designation in 2016. He is currently in his third and final year of the CPA In-Depth Tax Program.

Eric is his firm’s representative at the Ottawa Estate Planning Council and is a member of the Canadian Tax Foundation.

Outside of the office Eric is often found at the hockey rink, soccer field, or cycling.

Becky Turcotte, CPA, CA, TEP
Vice President, Estate & Succession Planning
The Millar Corporation

Becky plays a key role in the estates and wealth management advisory team, focusing on delivering comprehensive estate/succession planning consulting services to business owners and other high net worth individuals.

Becky completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Ottawa and was awarded her CA designation in 2012.  Prior to joining the Millar team, Becky worked for a large local public accounting firm for seven years, the last two of which were as part of the management team, where she specialized in tax, trusts and estates.

In 2015, Becky completed the CPA In-Depth Tax Course.  She then earned her TEP designation (Trust & Estate Practitioners) in 2017, receiving the Gerald W. Owen Book Prize for achieving the highest overall combined mark for all four STEP Canada Diploma Courses.  She also received the highest mark in the law of trusts course in 2014.

Becky is a member of STEP (The International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), CPA Ontario (Chartered Professional Accountants) and Advocis (the Financial Advisors Association of Canada).

The Ottawa Mission Foundation appreciates the efforts of professional advisors including accountants, lawyers, financial advisors and trust officers. Your work has a significant impact on the lives of people in need. Here is information that will help you meet the needs of your clients who want to support The Ottawa Mission.

Our legal name:

The Ottawa Mission Foundation

Our location:

46 Daly Ave., Ottawa, ON K1N 6E4

Our mailing address:

P.O. Box 7068, Stn. Vanier, Vanier, ON K1L 8E2

Charitable Registration: #831058615RR0001

Current Issue: #3

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