February 09, 2024

Brenda Rothwell’s Legacy of Love and Hope

Brenda Rothwell is very special to The Ottawa Mission for a number of reasons. She is a generous long time donor, she served on our Board of Directors, and is now part of our “Legacy Circle” by leaving The Mission a gift in her will. Her commitment to The Ottawa Mission has deep roots.

Brenda’s Dad, Austin, was a WWII veteran, master brick-mason, and loving father of four who suffered with alcoholism. When struggling, Austin was often separated from his young family and living on the streets — spending many nights at The Mission. The kids loved Austin unconditionally, but worried about him all the time. As Brenda says,

“The love never goes away.”

Whenever any of the kids expressed their concern about where their Dad was, her Mom would say,

“Don’t worry — Dad’s safe and warm at The Mission.”

And the children took great comfort in that. Over the years, Brenda has seen the organization grow to become a vital part of our community offering a full range of programs to help people in need like her Dad, and this has strengthened her commitment even further. In leaving us a gift in her will, Brenda is “paying it forward” in loving memory of her Dad and the care he received, and with hope that The Mission will be around for years to come to provide people in crisis with the support they need to move on to a better life.

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