A Warm Response to a Cold Winter Event

This winter has been bitterly cold and long for everyone in Ottawa – but doubly so for people staying in shelters. Not only is it more difficult for those looking for housing or jobs to get around, but staying indoors in a shelter with limited public space and cramped bedrooms only adds to the stress […]

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Showing the Love on Valentine’s Day

For many people Valentine’s Day includes planning a celebratory meal. The same is true at The Ottawa Mission. Every year, we work hard to make sure that those who are alone feel included on this special day. And we always have help from our generous community! This year, Mayor Jim Watson and members of City […]

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A healing partnership

Many men seeking help with their addictions at The Ottawa Mission have dealt with past trauma in their lives, specifically physical or sexual abuse. No one will ever know for sure how many men are sexually abused as children, but some stats suggest that as many as 1 in 6 experience sexual abuse by age […]

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The Mental Health Conversation

This week across Canada the spotlight is being shone on the issue of mental illness through Bell Canada’s “Let’s Talk” campaign. At The Ottawa Mission, we can certainly relate to how important it is to end the stigma against mental illness and build a better understanding of how this type of illness affects people from […]

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Learning through Discovery University

Access to education is a right that many of us take for granted.  At The Ottawa Mission, we meet many people who have had to cut their formal education short due to life circumstances.  Many have not had the opportunity to set or obtain educational goals, whether they are in pursuit of a career, or […]

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