May 22, 2014

Seeing is Believing

Yesterday was a very special day at The Ottawa Mission as we welcomed close to 70 volunteers and donors to a special open house event at the shelter.

We called this event “Walking Together” because we know that the people we serve – the hungry, those recovering from addiction, and those looking for work and a place to live – share their journeys with the volunteers and donors who support them. We wanted to thank them and give them an “up close and personal” look at all aspects of the programs we can offer because of their generosity.

For many, even volunteers, this was a really eye opening experience. One volunteer who has been helping us prepare and serve meals for many years had never been off the main floor of The Mission. She had never visited the clothing room, the medical and dental clinics, the dorm rooms, or the hospice. The experience, for her, was a real education.

For the donors who attended, many had never visited The Mission at all. So, not only had they not seen the areas of the shelter mentioned above, but they didn’t know a whole lot about the building one door down from the shelter – Client Services. They were amazed to see a bustling enterprise where people have access to computers to help with job searches, receive support to find housing, and have access to a variety of education and job training programs. As one donor commented, “What I have seen today – the sheer breadth of services provided here and the professionalism of the staff – gives me every assurance that my donations are being invested very wisely.”

We thank everyone who took the time to visit yesterday, as we thank them for their ongoing support as volunteers and donors. We simply couldn’t do what we do without them. And we know that for all who attended, seeing indeed has led to believing.

If you are interested in visiting The Mission, we would love to welcome you! Please contact Angie Kelly, 613-234-1155, ext. 426, to schedule a tour.