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1 million meals? DYMON steps in to double gifts on Giving Tuesday

It takes strong businesses to support a strong community, and it takes a strong community to support strong businesses. Good companies steward their profits well for the good of customers, employees and the community, and one of those great companies is our partner, DYMON.

The storage solutions company was the naming partner of the expanded DYMON Health Clinic, which opened in 2019. Thanks to Dymon’s generous support, the Dymon Health Clinic provides quality medical and dental care to men and women in the community who may otherwise go without. Last year alone, the Dymon Health Clinic hosted 15,362 primary care appointments. This was a lifeline for many, particularly during the toughest days of the pandemic.

This is part of the reason we nominated DYMON for the AFP “Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist” award, and we weren’t surprised at all when they won. “They have a great leadership team,” says Erin Helmer, our Senior Officer of Corporate Philanthropy and Partnerships. “Dymon is a local company that started here in Ottawa, and they are very passionate about giving back.”

For the past several years, Dymon has been matching Giving Tuesday donations made to The Ottawa Mission. Held on the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday is designed as a counterbalance to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a day focused on spending money for the good of others instead of just on ourselves. This year Giving Tuesday will be on November 30th, and DYMON is ready to double the impact of donors’ gifts once again. In fact, they’re also committed to doubling the gifts made to The Ottawa Mission by any of Dymon’s employees.

As Dymon has grown, they’ve continued to evolve. They started off developing premier storage facilities and have expanded into home décor retail for storage-related needs and into custom closet and kitchen design and installation. Dymon has recently expanded into Toronto, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Even as Dymon expands beyond its original borders, they remain committed to Ottawa and its needs. “They don’t ever forget their roots and where they started,” says Erin. “They continue to be wonderful partners of The Ottawa Mission.”

This year’s Giving Tuesday funds will support the most immediate need in our community: the shocking rise in hunger. The need for meals has climbed more than 80% since the beginning of the pandemic. Before then, we were serving over 1,400 meals a day. With the surge of hunger and instability caused by COVID-19, we now serve about 2,500 meals a day. If current trends continue, that could mean almost 1 million meals needed in the coming year, right here in Ottawa.

With companies like DYMON investing in the community, we can meet this level of need. And thanks to programs in mental health and addiction treatment, job training, education and housing supports, we are working hard to reverse the trends. It’s always a good time to invest in these programs, but thanks to the DYMON match, your gift on Giving Tuesday will go twice as far.

The Ottawa Mission Increases Capacity for Health and Dental Care Through Its Expanded DYMON Health Clinic

The Health Needs of Ottawa’s Most Vulnerable Continues to Grow: The Ottawa Mission Increases Capacity for Health and Dental Care Through Its Expanded DYMON Health Clinic

Ottawa, ON – Today, The Ottawa Mission unveiled its newly expanded DYMON Health Clinic to serve Ottawa’s most vulnerable residents who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in response to the significant increase in both the number of patient consults and the acuity of patients’ needs.

“From last year to this year, patient consults increased from 7,600 to 13,250, a staggering 74%,” stated Ottawa Mission Executive Director Peter Tilley. The clinic is operated in partnership with Ottawa Inner City Health. While OICH provides health services across Ottawa, no site has more patient visits than the Mission’s clinic.

People who are homeless or at risk of homelessness have a much higher burden of disability, serious mental and physical health conditions, and addictions. “Many of our patients have multiple physical and mental co-morbidities which makes providing care more challenging,” noted Dr. Jeff Turnbull, OICH Medical Director.

The Mission began planning an expansion of health services over 2 years ago. In addition to existing services, the clinic will offer new services such as women’s care, a Hepatitis C community clinic and foot care to keep vulnerable community members as healthy as possible. “Treating patients onsite will reduce the strain on hospital emergency rooms and contribute not only to the health of Ottawa Mission clients, but also to the sustainability and accessibility of the entire healthcare system,” said OICH Executive Director Wendy Muckle.

The Mission clinic also provides oral health through its dental clinic within the health clinic, staffed by over 100 volunteer dentists, denturists and hygienists, with 579 consults and treatments this past year. “Accessible dental care is especially important since it is not included within publicly funded healthcare, rendering it out of reach for those who live in poverty. In addition to the ability to eat properly and daily social interactions, good oral health supported by regular dental care is essential given its relationship to conditions such as heart disease and diabetes,” stated Dr. Tom Harle, founder of the Mission dental clinic.

“The City of Ottawa is committed to providing access to health services to all its residents, and is proud to work with our community partners to reach that goal. I’d like to congratulate the Ottawa Mission and Ottawa Inner City Health for their leadership in expanding these much needed services that will help our most vulnerable residents,” stated Jim Watson, Mayor, City of Ottawa.

“We applaud the expansion of this clinic and the incorporation of new services. The increase in patient visits show just how valuable these health services are in our community,” added Councillor Mathieu Fleury.

“The Mission provides emergency housing while also supporting their clients to find a way out of homelessness,” stated Dr. Vera Etches, Medical Officer of Health for the City of Ottawa. “With the recognition that being homeless affects physical, mental and social well-being, The Mission also makes a difference in people’s quality of life and well-being through clinical services.”

DYMON has provided a very generous gift of $300,000 to support this important project. “DYMON has passionately supported The Ottawa Mission’s mandate to provide food, shelter and hope to our neighbours in need for several years, and it’s even more rewarding now to have the chance to significantly expand our partnership by providing these much needed health and dental services.” noted Glen Luckman, Founder and CEO, DYMON Group of Companies.

“As an important local community partner, we’re thrilled by DYMON’s commitment to giving back to our community, and the newly named DYMON Health Clinic could not be more appropriate,” concluded Ottawa Mission Board Chair Matt Triemstra.

About The Ottawa Mission
Since 1906, The Ottawa Mission has been serving the homeless, the hungry and the lost by providing food, clothing, shelter and hope. In 2017- 2018, The Ottawa Mission sheltered an average of 236 men every night and served an average of 1,312 meals every day. The Ottawa Mission also provides health services, mental health and addiction treatment programs, hospice care, dental services, educational support, job training, spiritual care, and men’s clothing to thousands in need in our community.

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