January 27, 2014

Wouldn’t You Like to Say “M.Y. Money Works”?

Everyone needs advice on managing their finances at some point in their life. For those living on low incomes, these challenges can be especially overwhelming. That’s why The Ottawa Mission, in partnership with the YMCA-YWCA, is about to launch a series of free workshops to help people who need it most.

The program is called M.Y. Money Works. Sponsored by SEDI (Social and Enterprise Development Innovations) and the TD Bank, M.Y. Money Works covers all the bases. It deals with debt and credit, income tax issues, saving and budgeting and shopping smart. It also makes people aware of the many free financial services that are available to them in the community.

The first round of the program begins on February 11, and everyone is welcome. The workshops will take place at various locations across the city and will be offered on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in participating, or know of someone who could benefit, please contact Program Coordinator Hayat Khefifi at 613-788-5001, ext. 5159 for more information, or complete and submit this application and referral form.

(To print form hover mouse over bottom right once viewing PDF, then select the print option when it appears.)