September 25, 2020

Why I work for The Mission: NIVES

Nives has worked at The Mission for three years, the past two as Coordinator for the Hope and Day Programs. “The Hope Program is a residential treatment program focused on harm reduction, and the Day Program is a psychoeducational and support group offered to men impacted by addictions and trauma.” Nives spend most of her time providing individual counselling and group facilitation to shelter guests and community clients.

“I meet people where they’re at. I’m very grateful to be working through a harm reduction model. By offering a non-judgmental space for clients to explore the underlying reasons for their behaviours, we often see them gain confidence and skills to better their own lives. It’s amazing how people can grow when they feel accepted.”

Working with clients has given Nives much. “They’ve taught me that homelessness can happen to anyone. Some of the most intelligent, creative and resilient people I know have been impacted by homelessness. The shelter environment can at times appear gloomy, but it’s also filled with people who exhibit kindness, courage and hope.”