November 12, 2019

Why I work for The Mission: KRISTYN

For someone so young, Kristyn is a mission “old soul”. “I grew up at the Mission.” Joining the kitchen after high school, she has worked her way up from dishwasher to sous-chef. In 2019, she was once again promoted to Manager of Food services.

“I wanted to work in a shelter to help vulnerable people, but initially thought that it wouldn’t be my career. so i did my undergrad in psychology while working in the kitchen. Over time, I fell in love with culinary work and realized that this would be my permanent vocation.” Accordingly, she obtained her red seal, a prestigious certification.

Kristyn is responsible not only for the Mission’s meal program, but also for its catering program, which provides training opportunities for Food Service Training Program (FSTP) students. The catering program has expanded five-fold since 2010, with revenues going back into the FSTP.

As the beneficiary of Chef Ric’s mentorship, Kristyn believes in paying it forward. “When someone pays attention to you, you have confidence to be successful. This is what Chef Ric did for me, and this is what I want to do in my new role — encourage individuals and build on their strengths.”

Kristyn also believes in encouraging clients. “Each day, I try to look clients in the eye and treat them with dignity and respect, like an equal, to hopefully improve their quality of life for that day.”