October 05, 2018

Why I work for The Mission: Kathy

October 5 is World Teachers Day. Kathy is a certified teacher who has supported SSLC for almost five years. As she says, “It’s a small classroom with a big impact.”

SSLC is a unique learning centre within The Mission that supports students to meet their individual learning goals. These can include: earning a secondary school diploma; applying to college and university; assistance to re-enter the workforce; help to FSTP students with the theoretical components of the program; support to both English and French as a second language students; basic literacy support; assistance with computers; and many other educational activities.

Kathy also provides emotional support through developing positive hobbies with students such as art projects and book club, as well as group extracurricular activities such as outings to the new Ottawa Art Gallery and museums, tie-dye at Centre 454, the Museoparc Vanier, and other gatherings.

The impact of trauma, poverty, learning disabilities, and other barriers leave many of Kathy’s students with the impression that they will not be successful. Kathy works hard to dispel those feelings.

“I meet them where they’re at and success is unique for each student. It means a lot to me to work closely with students in a safe and supportive space to help them achieve their dreams.”

As her students learn from Kathy, she learns from them. “They know the meaning of perseverance. I admire them so much.”