November 12, 2019

Why I volunteer for The Mission: LLOYD

Lloyd has been volunteering at The Mission for almost nine years. He recently celebrated his 80th birthday, and his surprise birthday party included family and friends, and members of his extended family at the Mission.

Lloyd comes to the Mission every Monday and Thursday morning all year round to help prepare meals in the kitchen, serve lunch, and sort and store donated food in the stockroom. He is also an enthusiastic fundraiser and participant in our annual Coldest Night of the year Walk to raise funds for those who are homeless, and, beyond this, he is a faithful monthly donor to the Mission. In addition, he is a valued member of the dedicated volunteer team that prepares 100 to 150 turkeys for our special thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations each year weeks in advance.

Lloyd was inspired to become a volunteer at the Mission by his late wife, Micheline, who was a lifelong advocate for the hungry, homeless and hurting. Lloyd says that coming here and doing whatever he can to help the Mission is a tribute to Micheline’s memory and a “spiritual journey” that enriches his life. The

Mission, in turn, has been blessed in so many ways by Lloyd’s tireless kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit.

“I enjoy coming here and feel very rewarded by being here. I’m inspired by the wonderful staff, including Chef Ric, and the other volunteers. I’ve made many good friends over the years and hope that my health will allow me to continue.”