November 12, 2019

Why I turned to The Mission for help: KERRY

2018 was the first time in years that Kerry had a place to call home at Christmas. Kerry had spent much of his time homeless — couch-surfing, sleeping in vehicles, or motels. He was able to work most of the time — everything from commercial house painting to oil rigs to retail.

Two years ago, Kerry decided that he needed finally to seek help for his addiction. After visiting a detox centre, Kerry was ready to enter long-term treatment through The Mission’s stabilization and LifeHouse programs and afterwards in one of our 2nd stage houses — still receiving counselling and support. He worked with our housing staff to find a place, and finally moved into his own apartment. Our staff also helped Kerry access furniture and appliances.

Kerry appreciates that subsidized housing is a rare commodity in our community, and while he feels fortunate to have a place, his heart goes out to others who are waiting. “For people recovering from addiction, or suffering from mental illness, a journey without a destination is not an option. ’ve found my home — and now I finally have hope for the future.”