November 12, 2019

Why I turned to The Mission for help: COLIN

Colin suffers from addiction, and has been in and out of shelters for years. Last year, while staying at the Mission, he needed knee replacement surgery. After surgery, he returned to the shelter.

Colin’s recovery was stalled by wound complications. He was in severe pain, and the threat of infection was high. Our medical team arranged for a bed in the hospice, where he could receive 24-hour care. “The level of care from staff and volunteers is amazing. I once witnessed a volunteer with an unconscious patient, holding his hand and playing soothing music, for hours on end.”

Colin left the hospice in eight days — he knew there were others who needed the bed more than he did. Daily for the next eight weeks Colin visited the Primary Care Clinic where Nurse Practitioners cleaned and dressed his wound, and also encouraged him. Colin then sought treatment for his addiction at the Mission. “I realized how lucky I was to be in pretty good health, and to have received so much care and compassion. I decided not to waste another day of my life.”