September 25, 2020

Why I partner with The Mission : YETTY

Yetty has worked as the Administrative Coordinator within The Mission’s Hospice for the past four years. She previously worked at the Health Clinic. Within the Hospice, she supports the nursing team while performing other duties like connecting with patients’ families, assists with burials and cremations, and helps patients with tasks such as money management. For chronic palliative patients, she connects them to supportive housing. “Since they are stable, they can have a better quality of life in the community.”

Patients come from all backgrounds. “There’s a fine line between who is homeless and who is not.” For Yetty, it’s an honour and a privilege to work with patients, many of whom have experienced trauma. For most, the Hospice is their last home, and providing care means gaining their trust. “Here we provide a supportive environment where no one dies alone.”

Yetty also notices changes in family’s perceptions. “Some are uncomfortable that we’re in a shelter due to the stigma concerning homelessness. When they see how we treat patients, that judgement fades away. We change people’s minds through compassion.”