April 12, 2023

Volunteer Spotlight: Jack

A cornerstone of the Ottawa Mission for over 20 years, Jack has provided countless hours of his time in service to our community. As a volunteer, he has sat on our Board of Directors for decades and has helped to guide the long-term outlook of the Ottawa Mission.

Of our volunteer board of directors, Jack says “You represent the community”. The board includes, and has included our local: CPAs, doctors, professors, spiritual leaders, and homelessness and housing experts, to name some.

As for himself, Jack spent 18 years in federal politics as an MP. With a smile, he warmly reflects on bringing fellow politicians over from the Hill to volunteer alongside him at our meal services. And it’s in our kitchen where Jack continues to provide additional volunteer hours, serving out nourishing meals to those in need. He knows how impactful both of his volunteer roles can be.

To volunteer on the board is important because it helps set the direction that the Mission takes. However, it’s equally important to volunteer in the kitchen because I get to work alongside our staff and get to know our clients, which is really meaningful”. 

We appreciate the kindness and generosity of all our volunteers, no matter the role. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to provide the services that our community’s most vulnerable so desperately need.

Learn more about how to volunteer at The Ottawa Mission & watch our volunteer appreciation video below!