December 04, 2017


At 75, Harvey Steinwald has done a lot of volunteer work. He feels fortunate in his life and wants to give back to his community.

For many years, Harvey has been a member of the Ottawa chapter of the Knights of Pythias – an international charitable fundraising organization. They have been donating to The Ottawa Mission for 15 years – most recently contributing towards special bakeware for our kitchen, where we serve an average of 1,307 meals a day.

Harvey had never visited The Mission in person until just last year and, for him, it was a truly eye-opening experience. He said he realized for the first time the extent of the good work that was happening here, and he decided right away that he wanted to be part of it. Now, every Wednesday, Harvey hops on the bus outside his home in Kanata for his 45 minute ride to The Mission, where he spends the morning helping in the kitchen and serving lunch to several hundred people.

“The work that goes into providing good food to people in need is extraordinary,” says Harvey. “The Mission’s kitchen team is welcoming and very well organized, and volunteering here simply makes my day. I go home pretty tired after my shift, but it’s so gratifying to know I’ve made a difference.” Harvey, on behalf of all of us, we thank you for your generous support – past, present, and hopefully for long into the future. You have become part of our family, and we are so grateful for all that you do!