January 08, 2015


Guest Blogger – Rev. Laird Eddy, Executive Director, The Ottawa Mission Foundation

At some time in our lives we have all known what it feels like to be left out.  It may have been someone’s party when we were young or a group of people at work who decided they didn’t want us working with them on the latest project.  No matter what the situation, each of us can think of moments in our lives when we felt ‘uninvited.’

Many of the people who stay with us at The Ottawa Mission feel uninvited.  They feel uninvited to the opportunities that the rest of us take for granted.  A chance for a job, a home, higher education or some other privilege.  The time when they feel most uninvited is when they wish they could give back.   When we are in a position to help, we sometimes forget the despair people feel when they can never get ahead enough to give back.  The cold days of winter can feel that much more bitter if you are the one who has to always be on the receiving end of things.

Jesus often called us to extend warm hospitality to those who feel uninvited.  He asks us to invite the poor to our table and to extend the warmth of friendship to people who have been left out.  He teaches us to share with others as if everyone had been invited to a family feast.

During these cold winter months let’s take up that calling and make sure that no one is left feeling uninvited.  At The Mission we welcome everyone as if they were invited guests.  We provide food, friendship and opportunities to give back where they are able.  We invite you to help us do that.