January 16, 2015

Transitioning to a New Life

For people who have successfully completed The Ottawa Mission’s 5-month LifeHouse addiction treatment program, what happens next can be equally important to their ongoing recovery. Some men have a home to go back to, but others have nowhere to go. For these people, The Mission offers the option of Second Stage transitional housing. Rob is one of the current residents.

Rob has been living in one of The Mission’s two Second Stage houses for seven months. He lives with four other men who have also been through addiction treatment. As Rob says, “We’ve all been there, so we can support each other if someone is having a tough day.” They share the chores, cook for themselves, and once a week, there’s a house meeting to discuss any issues or concerns that have arisen. For many, it’s the first “normal” living environment they’ve experienced in years.

While staying in Second Stage, residents continue to have regular counselling sessions. As well, an Ottawa Mission housing outreach worker regularly visits the residents to support them in their search for a permanent home. Many of the men are starting over from scratch and need basic furniture and kitchen supplies, and our housing outreach team helps with that too.

Rob says finding affordable and safe housing is his biggest worry right now because it is in such short supply. But he appreciates this transition time in a Second Stage home as well as the ongoing support he’s receiving from The Mission. Rob adds, “It’s giving us the time we need following treatment to get back on our feet and prepare to be on our own again, and for that I’m grateful”.