October 29, 2013

The Diane Morrison Hospice – One Patient’s Story

Thomas is 56 years old and in palliative care at the Diane Morrison Hospice at The Ottawa Mission. He was living alone in a subsidized apartment in Ottawa when he became terminally ill.

Thomas is one of six children in a family with roots in a small farming community in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.  His family, although living far away, travelled to Ottawa to help him find a place that would care for him. His options were few and eventually he was referred to The Mission’s Hospice. Thomas is now thankfully in a place that meets his needs for food, shelter, care, comfort and companionship.   He is looked after 24 hours a day by compassionate professionals and as Thomas says, “The people here are the best – even when I’m at my worst.”

Staff at the Mission Hospice encourage residents to keep in touch with their families and friends. Thomas is able to speak to his 83-year old mother in Nova Scotia nearly every day and also recently had a visit from his sister and brother-in-law who made a special trip to spend some time with him.   These family connections mean the world to Thomas, as do the many friends he has made at the shelter and the Hospice.

Thomas, and so many others like him, are so thankful that the Mission’s Hospice is there for them in their time of need, and are comforted because of the generosity of all those who support it.