April 07, 2015

Taking it one day at a time

The Ottawa Mission’s addiction treatment services are able to meet men where they are at in their recovery. Some are just starting the journey; others may have many months of sobriety but have relapsed and need help to get back on track. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help and our supportive addiction services team is there for those who take the first step.

This week, a special celebration will be held at The Ottawa Mission for the men who have reached significant milestones in their recovery from addiction. Some have attended our daily drop in Day Program with perfect attendance for several months to start on the path to recovery. Others have completed stays of anywhere from two weeks to two months in our Stabilization unit preparing for long term addiction treatment. And others have now graduated from our 5-month residential treatment program called LifeHouse.

Scott says he’ll be attending the celebration this week. He’s 2 months into his recovery and still trying to sort out what the future will hold. But he’s happier than he’s been in years and he has hope that his life is on a new course. Scott says the new coping skills he’s learning through The Mission’s Day program will help him with the difficult days ahead. For now he’s taking things one day at a time and is grateful for The Mission and those that support it for giving him a chance to rebuild a life worth living.