June 16, 2017

A special graduation at The Ottawa Mission

June is ‘graduation’ season for many families in the community and one of the highlights of our calendar this month is a special graduation celebration we hold for the men and women in our Food Services Training Program.

10 people have completed the five month commitment to the culinary program. Chef Ric Watson oversees The Mission kitchen and started the program 12 years ago when he saw people on social services coming to The Mission for meals who expressed an interest in learning to cook for themselves. But Chef Ric maintains there’s much more involved in the FSTP than just teaching people to cook. In his words, “this program builds self-esteem and confidence, which are fundamental to success in any career.”

Monique can vouch for that. She has always loved to cook and has had some work experience in different types of kitchens over the last few years. “In my opinion, the Mission kitchen is the best ‘teaching’ kitchen,” says Monique. “The course is giving me the knowledge, purpose and confidence to apply for better types of jobs.”

Unfortunately Monique suffered a broken wrist during the latest session and had to take time away from the course. But she will return to finish her training commitment in the next session of the Food Services training program, which begins July 10. It’s not too late to apply if you or someone you know is looking for a new career.
For information, email the FSTP Coordinator at or call 613-234-1144.