June 23, 2015

Small Steps… Giant Leaps

Among the many services offered at The Ottawa Mission, our Client Services Centre provides people with the opportunity to meet their educational goals or gain skills that will help them find employment. There was a special celebration this week at The Mission as staff and clients got together to mark some important milestones in both areas.
Here are just a few examples:

• Nathan has been making steady progress to upgrade his education, and he is so excited that he is now just two credits away from receiving his high school diploma.
• Jason has recently received his medical transcription certificate from Algonquin College by taking online courses at our Stepping Stones Learning Centre.
• Melissa has passed high school level courses in both English and Math and continues to gain additional credits.
• David has learned how to prepare a good resume. He has also learned interview techniques, and he is now confidently seeking employment.

These may seem like small steps, but for people who are homeless and who have had very few opportunities in their lives to focus on themselves and their future, these are giant leaps. And, at the end of the day, they, and many more people like them who pass through our Client Services Centre every day, are working against all odds to change their lives for the better. You only had to be in the room to appreciate the depth of pride on the part of all of the students who were recognized for their achievements, as well as the staff at The Mission who have provided them with support and encouragement all along the way.

Small steps mean giant leaps.