Lulu, Dorothy and Silvia in the Kitchen

Acrylic on canvas, 20x20in. - 2022

Lulu, Dorothy and Silvia work hard to cook and serve shelter guests breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. They also prepare meals for people receiving live-in treatment in Addiction and Trauma Services and the Hospice.

Feeding vulnerable people brings them a collective joy. “It’s a privilege to help the community,” notes Silvia, who has worked at The Mission for 19 months. “It makes me feel good to do something I love.”

For Lulu, who has worked at The Mission for nine years, the opportunity to help is just as critical. “Before I came here I didn’t know about The Mission or its programs. It’s important to me to help people, especially new immigrants having difficulty.”

For Dorothy, who has worked at The Mission for 12 years, service to others is paramount. “I take pleasure in working here at The Mission. Serving my community makes me fulfill my dreams.”