Kathy and Peter in the Classroom

Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 in | 2022

Kathy is the teacher at MCA Ottawa Stepping Stones Learning Centre. “It’s the first job I’ve ever stayed in so long. I really do love it here.” The classroom helps shelter guests and clients attain their educational goals, including enhanced literacy, obtaining a high school diploma, completing postsecondary education, or learning a trade. As Kathy says, “It’s a small classroom with a big impact.”

Peter spent several years at The Mission in areas such as Frontline, the Housing Department, and finally Discovery University which, in partnership with education and community partners, provides free, non-credit university courses to vulnerable students who would otherwise not have access to post-secondary courses.

At The Mission, education is about more than jobs. It’s also about instilling self-confidence, initiative and drive in vulnerable people through removing barriers and nurturing students. Our education programs bring dignity and hope to students who have previously doubted themselves.