Joan McRae

Acrylic on canvas, 16x16in - 2022

Joan McRae was born in England in 1916.  After graduation, she stayed in London during WW II doing important war work.

There she met George McRae, a Canadian officer and married in 1944.  As a war bride and mother Joan came to Canada to start a new life.

After receiving a small inheritance, Joan became interested in investing and, according to her children Paul and Caroline, was good at it. Joan retired to Ottawa in the 1980s, and her association with The Mission began.

“Our mother had a strong social conscience and was committed to giving back. The Mission was one of her favourite charities,” notes Paul. Joan’s generosity provided hope for countless individuals, including those within our LifeHouse, the middle-tier of our Addiction and Trauma program. After Joan died in 2020, Paul made a gift from her estate to The Mission on behalf of the McRae family.

Thank you Joan, Paul and Caroline for your generous and steadfast support.