December 03, 2020

Mission meals so ‘mmm’ delicious

Chip wagons have long been a tradition of urban culture in Ottawa. There’s a new, one-of-its-kind food truck on the streets of the capital these days, and it specializes in serving tasty, warm meals in neighbourhoods around town. The program has been dubbed Mobile Mission Meals (as in ‘mmm’ for delicious), and its impact is seen on the faces of the individuals who line up every weekday. The MMM food truck is the result of a partnership with five emergency food providers, and generous sponsors like Urbandale Corporation, Capital Meat, and Orleans Fresh Fruit. Pelican Seafood Market and Grill kindly donated its food truck to The Mission.

There are all kinds of reasons why people need food banks. Swings in the economy, low income, (both made worse by COVID 19) and a lack of affordable housing are just some of the factors that put stress on a weekly food budget. While The Mission continues to offer thousands of meals weekly to those who drop by in person, the MMM food truck program recognizes that a trip to Sandy Hill may be difficult for those with mobility issues or who may be short of funds for bus fare. Bringing nutritious, hot meals to communities where they are needed the most is a dignified response to these challenges.

Filipe Isla Wong is a graduate of the Food Services Training Program (FSTP). He’s recently moved from The Mission’s kitchen to become driver of the food truck. “I do a tour of the city each week,” Filipe says. With the assistance of an FSTP student, ingredients for 400 meals are prepared every morning in the kitchen, then loaded on to the truck to be cooked up and served. “We travel to 10 different locations throughout the city” Filipe thoughtfully reports. “People are so happy to see us wherever we go!”

Your gift of support provides the gift of warm meals to your neighbours experiencing food insecurity in Ottawa.

Thank you for your kindness during this Christmas season.