September 12, 2013

Mission ‘Kitchen’ Possible

Everyone else’s routine has returned to normal this month – and this is also the case for The Ottawa Mission’s kitchen. But it was anything but ‘a holiday’ over the summer for staff and volunteers who prepare and serve more than 1250 meals a day, as our kitchen underwent a much-needed renovation.

At the end of July, a 44-foot mobile kitchen pulled up next to The Mission and within two days everyone had a new routine.  For the entire month of August, food was cooked outside and then transferred back inside to a temporary serving area. Some things stayed the same – like meal times and the dining room space – and the rest seemed to fall into place.  And for people in need who rely on us, there was no interruption in service.

Thanks to the hard work of The Ottawa Mission’s maintenance team, the renovation finished on time and on budget – no small feat. The cost of the project could have been significantly higher without their skills and hard work. Several local companies also generously supported the renovation with discounted products or services.

The layout of the kitchen has not changed much, but it sure sparkles now! The entire floor is new and the old deteriorating painted drywall has been replaced with either stainless steel or white PVC walls. These will last for many years and will be much easier to keep clean.

As the Thanksgiving season quickly approaches, our kitchen is back in business and ready for the beginning of our busiest time of year.