September 01, 2015



Many of you will remember the moment when my wife Diane Morrison retired from the good work she had accomplished at The Ottawa Mission. Like my wife before me, I have spent 23 years in faithful service to this ministry and I have decided that the moment has arrived when I should join her in retirement.

Diane and I dedicated ourselves to the work of The Mission, and it has been a privilege and a blessing to be part of your lives for these many years.  I am grateful for the generosity that you, our donors, have shown over the years, through your gifts and your prayers.  Diane and I will now join you as people who support The Mission from a distance by offering our prayers and our gifts for the sake of those who are lonely and homeless.

For Diane and I, this has been our life’s work. With your help we have been able to accomplish much. As we enter our retirement years together, we will continue to be proud of the good work that a new generation of leaders will now carry forward. For the sake of the homeless, we know that you will continue to support them with the same kind of dedication. Thank you for the many years of steadfast faithfulness you have shown during the time of our leadership at The Mission. Thank you for continuing to be faithful to this important ministry.

May God give you every good blessing!