June 05, 2019

Jaison’s Renewal

In Jaison’s own words, “Growing up was just filled with disappointments. I was in and out of children’s aid, detention centres and jail, all while learning addiction
and crime.” 

At 44 years old, Jaison has tried addiction treatment no less than 18 times.  He says that the programs at The Ottawa Mission finally made the treatment “stick”, and after leaving treatment in 2018, he moved on with purpose to a different life.  A very important part of this experience has been about accepting God into his life. Jaison was baptized on August 5, 2018, and devotes considerable time to his church and to bible study.  He has found purpose at last.

As part of moving forward with hope and determination to a better life, five months ago Jaison enrolled in The Mission’s Food Services Training Program (FSTP).  He has worked in restaurants and fast food outlets in the past, but wanted to upgrade his skills.  He is graduating from the program in June, and is already working part-time while awaiting news of a full-time role in another non-profit organization.  His ultimate goal is to help others by providing outreach support – to give back for all he has received.

Jaison says that his time in addiction treatment at The Mission and as an FSTP student has taught him about integrity, responsibility and being part of a team.  In fact, after a harrowing childhood, he now has a new definition of family – one that consists of the people at his church and the people at The Mission.  Jaison has been renewed in body and soul, and is deeply grateful.