August 21, 2013

Jack Gets Back On Track

At The Ottawa Mission many different people from many different circumstances walk through our door every day desperate for help and seeking shelter.

Many stay with us for only a few days or weeks – just long enough to find a new job, and if they are fortunate enough, a new home. Other men who are struggling with addiction or mental illness stay longer to take part in treatment programs, or to get assistance and referrals from our medical clinic.  For some, The Mission becomes their home, because they cannot live on their own or care for themselves and there is nowhere else that can provide even the basic support they need.  These are the people deemed “chronically homeless”.

Jack was a recent resident at The Ottawa Mission. He had always worked, and was in good health, but after losing his job and running out of money, and with no family to help out, he found himself on the streets.  He came to The Mission and was welcomed with open arms.  He immediately made it his goal to find employment and housing, and with the support of our housing outreach staff, Jack quickly achieved his goal. After just 15 days, he is back at work, able to support himself, and living in his own apartment.  Through generous donations, we were also able to provide Jack with some basic furnishings to help with his new start.

We are proud of the role The Mission has played in getting Jack’s life back on track.  In 2012 our housing support team helped 176 people like Jack find a place to call home.

We also continue to work with government and community partners to find a solution for the chronically homeless – those who aren’t as fortunate as Jack.