June 08, 2020

It’s A Beautiful Life

Paul arrived at the blue doors on Waller Street in February 2018, and like so many who’ve passed through them, he did so because they represented his last hope. When those doors opened, Paul entered a community where faith and devotion serve to bring hope.

Paul was experiencing mental health and addiction issues. He had been off medication for bi-polar disorder for a long time, making a normal life next to impossible. The Mission’s addictions program was Paul’s first step in a broader recovery strategy. Every story is unique, but Paul’s was more complex than most.

As a result, his case worker determined that Paul qualified for the Direct Engagement program and began by building trust and a comfortable rapport. Medical care was first and foremost required to control Paul’s bi-polar condition. He received a subsidy from the City of Ottawa to help with housing. Once his mental health was stabilized, the search began for a place Paul could call his own.

Support services at The Mission and the Canadian Mental Health Association were in place to ensure a smooth transition. Paul moved in a day before the start of the new year and the new decade. It was a great time to begin a new life.

Personal success can be measured in terms of relationships. Paul re-connected with his parents, and his new home played host to the first meal Paul has prepared for his kids in over 20 years! An articulate man and an aspiring writer, Paul put words to paper for his children; a map, if you will, meant to share the lessons he’s learned.

Paul titled it, A BEAUTIFUL Life.

“Begin each day with a grateful heart, ready to embrace all that will unfold for you.Seek the wisdom and counsel of elders; their life experiences will help lead you on your path.”

“Know when to be still and recharge yourself fully, through embracing all that you’ve been blessed with. Open yourself to your higher power and be grateful for this beautiful life.” Paul moved into his new apartment in the midst of winter. “I was a first responder for the ski patrol,” Paul shares, “so keeping in shape really helps me stay strong.”

Luckily, he’s located close to plenty of green space, bike paths, and recreation, a real bonus for an outdoorsy kind of guy who can now enjoy all that summer has to offer in his new neighbourhood.

Paul’s advice to his children is a lesson for all. “Remember that this life is YOURS to live! Make it a BEAUTIFUL life!” Your generosity has made all the difference to Paul.

He is deeply grateful for your help in his journey to a new and beautiful life. The Mission will be there for Paul all the way, all thanks to kind-hearted donors like you.