December 03, 2020

I met an angel at IKEA

Recently, I met an angel named Tom, at IKEA of all places. I had purchased a box spring and was getting ready to place it in my car, when Tom stepped up and asked me if I needed help. I accepted, but unfortunately the box spring didn’t fit into my car. Tom graciously offered to place it in his car and deliver it to my home. I told him where I lived, which is quite far from IKEA, near the airport. He had some errands to complete at IKEA, but said he would then drop the box spring off at my house afterwards.

It’s not every day we accept such an offer from a stranger, so Tom considerately asked me if I trusted him, which I did, immediately. Every cell in Tom’s body radiated honesty and kindness. He returned from the store a few minutes later to tell me that now his stuff wouldn’t fit in his vehicle, so he’d have to deliver my box spring first and return to the store. I didn’t want to take advantage of his kindness so I offered to pay him for his troubles. Tom kindly refused, but suggested I donate to The Ottawa Mission instead. Once home, he insisted on bringing the box spring right up to the door.

I googled Tom’s name and found out that he is indeed a real angel. He founded The Mission’s Dental Clinic! For many reasons, people end up living on the street with no money. No one is immune to this turn of events in life. Because of generous, unselfish people like Dr. Harle, homeless people can have free dental care, which they wouldn’t be able to afford in the first place. Cavities can be quite painful and if left untreated, can add other health issues on top of already existing ones.

I absolutely did donate to The Mission because of Dr. Harle’s generosity and kindness, but also to give to the forgotten ones. God places Angels on our path all the time. Sometimes we see them, sometimes not. I certainly met a true angel yesterday.

Thank you again Tom, for your help.

Manon Pilote

Be an angel and consider donating to The Ottawa Mission this Christmas. Your generosity supports free dental care and will put a smile on the faces of so many in need