May 31, 2017

Hunger doesn’t take a Summer holiday

At The Ottawa Mission, Summer is a challenging time of year. The need to help people who are hungry and homeless remains high, but donations decrease dramatically. Even a donation of $3.47 can provide a good meal to someone who has nowhere else to turn. And what begins as a meal often turns into a life-changing experience – as it did for Glen.

Glen has spent many years in and out of homeless shelters, living on the streets in between. His health suffered badly as a result. He always dreamed of having his own place, and after coming to The Ottawa Mission, his dream has finally come true.

As is the case with many people experiencing homelessness, Glen found asking for help very hard to do, but the kindness and care he received at The Mission gave him hope. This Spring, with help from our Housing Support staff, he finally moved into a small apartment that he can now call home. Glen’s life and his health continue to improve. And he still comes to us for meals on a regular basis, because he knows he’s welcome.

If you have already not done so, please consider making a donation to help us through the summer – because hunger doesn’t take a holiday. Your support really does change lives.