January 24, 2013

Gordon’s project at the SSLC

Gordon is a young man who has struggled with depression and mental illness most of his life.  For the past few years, he has travelled back and forth from his home on the west coast to Ottawa trying to find his place in life.    The time he has spent at The Ottawa Mission has finally given him the care and encouragement that he needs to make a positive change.

While he was staying at the shelter, a case-worker was able to connect Gordon to psychiatric outreach services at The Mission’s clinic, and he continues to receive regular treatment there.

Over the past couple of years he has also taken advantage of on-line education courses at our Stepping Stones Learning Centre. Gordon’s goal is to obtain his GED, and we are thrilled to say that he is just one course away from this achievement.

Gordon is now living in the community, but still comes to The Mission every day for meals and school.  He is also working with staff to explore employment opportunities and is enrolled in a custodial training program being offered in partnership with the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

“The people at The Mission have been very kind and helpful, and I feel confident about my future.  I’m thankful for all that is available for me here”, says Gordon.

Recently, Gordon worked with other Stepping Stones students on a project to develop a video game with local software designers David Rust-Smith and Grant McLaughlin. The game is about the men at the Mission overcoming obstacles to accomplish their goals – a lesson that Gordon has learned well. Each game episode tells the story of one of the men involved, through a journey to reach 3 significant milestones and 3 hidden items that have sentimental value to the storyteller.

Gordon enjoyed collaborating with others to tell their stories through the game, which is now available to be played online at