October 14, 2015

Giving thanks on the journey

Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner may be over, but many are still feeling the spirit of the season and expressions of thankfulness and gratitude are all around.

Here are some thoughts on being thankful from three people who are at The Ottawa Mission this week.

David is a resident of The Mission’s LifeHouse program. After a long time drug and alcohol problem to help cope with a traumatizing childhood, he is in now recovery. “I find myself giving thanks for the amount of hope The Mission has given me,” he says. “I’m getting better and I’m not afraid to feel now.”

Mario is not staying at the shelter but he did come for a Thanksgiving Dinner and sometimes he drops in for a meal when money is tight. For him, it’s the friendship that comes with mealtimes that help him through tough times. “This is my second family. That’s what I’m lacking is love. I need this to keep the spirit and move forward.”

Curtis has been staying in The Mission’s Stablilization wing while he looks addiction treatment options. He has a wife and three children but knows he can’t be with them until he takes care of his illness. Curtis says “I’m thankful for being clean and to learn the things I’ve learned and to forgive myself. People take what they have for granted sometimes. You don’t know how much you truly have until it’s gone.”

The Ottawa Mission is thankful to be part of these journeys and also for the kindness and generosity of supporters like you all year long.