September 05, 2014

Getting Life Back on Track

Bill will never forget December 14, 2013. That’s the day he walked through the door at The Ottawa Mission – something he never imagined he would have to do.
Bill worked all of his life – most recently as a warehouse manager – until a year ago when chronic pain forced him to quit. Unable to make ends meet, he lost his apartment and had to rely on the charity of friends for months before he came to us in desperation.
“From the first day I arrived, I was amazed at the amount of care and encouragement I received at The Mission,” Bill says. “Not a day went by without a feeling that people cared about me and that there was hope for a better life.”
Small gestures made all the difference in Bill’s journey – like help getting a bus pass in order to get to medical appointments during the harsh winter months. And he received practical guidance to help him apply for disability support – something he was reluctant to admit he needed.
One of the most important pieces of support Bill received was help to find a new home. This summer, he finally moved into a small, clean, affordable apartment. The Mission’s housing support worker even helped Bill find used furniture and everything he needed to set up his place. Now he is focused on continuing his medical treatment and finding a job.
“It has been an amazing journey, and I received everything I needed – physically, emotionally and practically – to get back on track,” Bill adds. “Thanks to everyone who played a part.”