April 28, 2016

GET LOUD for Mental Health Week

You’ll be hearing a lot about ‘GETTING LOUD’ in the next few days.

Monday marks the start of Canadian Mental Health Week and the Canadian Mental Health Association – an important partner of The Ottawa Mission – wants us to GET LOUD. It means speaking up to stop the discrimination and the stigma that often go hand in hand with mental illness.

People who come to The Ottawa Mission for help are already dealing with the stigma of being homeless. It can be overwhelming for them to ask for help with mental health issues when they first arrive at the shelter. We see a wide spectrum of mental health issues – from depression and anxiety to some of the less common, serious illnesses like schizophrenia.

That’s why The Mission is pleased to announce that it has recently enhanced mental health services for shelter residents. Thanks to our partnership with CMHA, we can now provide people in need with access to a full time staff person with expertise in mental health issues.  She will help people with complex needs receive the support and assistance they need to be able to live healthier, more independent lives.

As well, The Ottawa Mission is also benefitting from a partnership with the Royal Ottawa Hospital Outreach team. The ROH is now providing a part-time psychiatric nurse to enhance the mental health services it’s providing to residents of the The Mission.

Jordanna Marchand is The Mission’s full-time Coordinator of Mental Health Services. “Because of the diversity of people and needs at The Ottawa Mission, it’s imperative we establish working partnerships with agencies that have expertise in metal health support“ says Jordanna. “We strive to help shelter residents navigate through whatever crisis they are in and to help them feel valued, respected and understood throughout the process.”

Thanks to our great community partners we will GET LOUD for Canadian Mental health Week – we hope you will too.

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