July 09, 2013

An Impressive First Impression

Last week marked my first month in my new role as Executive Director of The Ottawa Mission.  To say this has been a remarkable month for me would be a huge understatement. As I have become more familiar with the wide scope of programming offered here, I have been impressed every step of the way by the professionalism, expertise and compassion of the staff. Here’s just one example.

On one of my first days on the job I was approached by a man who had worked for me in a previous career.  He had come to a very bad place in his life and had arrived at The Mission the night before desperate for help and with nowhere else to turn. A few short hours later, I spotted him having a consultation with one of our case managers. These are people who meet one-on-one with those who book into the shelter, and help guide them towards the right resources – whether that is addiction treatment, medical or mental health care, or education, employment or housing support services.

As the days passed, this man approached me often in the hallways to express his gratitude for the wonderful care he was receiving, and for the valuable help he was getting from many different parts of the organization. When I saw him just a couple of days ago, he was so grateful that he was moved to tears. He kept thanking me personally for all that was being done to help him regain his health and get his life back on track. Clearly, all of the credit goes to the outstanding people who work here and, by extension, to all of those who support The Mission as donors and volunteers.

I am so proud and happy to be a part of The Ottawa Mission Family. Thank you.

Peter Tilley
Executive Director
The Ottawa Mission