March 26, 2014

Finding Help When You Need It Most

Some of us are blessed to have a network of family and friends to support us through tough times. Others, like John, do not have people to lean on – until they find their way to The Ottawa Mission.

John was unemployed and had no formal job training when he learned about The Mission’s Food Services Training Program. He successfully completed the five-month program and soon found employment at a local restaurant. But in the weeks that followed, he quickly realized he wasn’t getting enough hours to meet his monthly rent. John feared that if he couldn’t come up with the money for his landlord by the end of the month he would be homeless.

John came back to The Mission in distress and was quickly directed to a Housing Outreach Case Manager. There, he learned that he could contact Ontario Works to inquire about some short-term financial support. The Housing Outreach worker made the call with John to help him connect with the right person and set up a meeting for the next day.

Fortunately, Ontario Works was able to help John cover his rental shortfall and provide him with some financial aid until he could find full time employment. The Mission’s Housing Outreach worker then followed up with John to talk about strategies to get full time work, and not long after he was able to find a better job.

John is getting back on track, but our Housing Outreach worker still meets with him on a weekly basis to ensure that he is able to maintain his housing, and also to continue working on creating goals for his future.

John and many others know they can depend on The Ottawa Mission for much needed support on their journey.