July 18, 2014

Doug has found a new ‘view’ on life

Doug came to The Ottawa Mission about 6 months ago to seek help with his addiction. He started with our Day Program and then asked for a bed in the Stabilization wing of the shelter.  Finally he was given a spot in LifeHouse – the Mission’s five month residential addiction treatment program. During his time here, Doug says he’s made huge strides forward in the battle against his addiction.

He’s also overcome some education hurdles, thanks to The Mission’s Stepping Stones Learning Centre. Initially, his goal was to try and complete the necessary credits to earn his high school diploma. But after reviewing his school transcript, The Mission’s Learning Centre Coordinator discovered Doug had in fact already earned his diploma and was she was able to acquire it, frame it and present it to him as a surprise!

As he completes the final stages of the treatment program this summer, Doug has joined a photography activity group started by one of The Mission’s addiction counselors. Taking nature photos, like the one posted here that he snapped along the Ottawa River, is helping him reconnect with the beauty in the world around him. It’s evident that Doug is getting stronger every day, and in his words “The LifeHouse program has changed the way I look at my addiction and my life – I have hope and I’m very grateful for that.”