December 03, 2013

Dave’s Second Chance

Dave’s life of addiction began when he was barely a teenager. Over time he lost everything – his parents, his children, and any hope for the future. It was only when an overdose nearly cost him his life at age 45 that he decided to seek help, and he found it at The Ottawa Mission. That was six months ago, and the change in Dave has been amazing.

When Dave came to us he was angry, bitter, and filled with guilt. He spent a month in The Mission’s Stabilization Unit where he experienced his longest stretch of sobriety ever. With this came the understanding that he was not alone on his journey – that people cared about him. He also received medical care, ate properly for the first time in years, began exercising, and gained the strength he needed to continue his recovery.

Dave moved on to LifeHouse – our 5-month residential treatment program. The counselling he is receiving is allowing him to open up as he never has before. He says he has never cried so much in his life – but it’s a huge relief to do so. Dave’s life is back on course – he’s working towards his high school diploma and plans to go on to college. And he has reconnected with his parents and his three children whom he hasn’t spoken to in 13 years. He now greets each day with new-found optimism and hope. As Dave says, “For the first time in my life I feel at peace. It’s the best gift I have ever received.”

This year Christmas will be a joyful time for Dave because, along with the gift of peace, he is getting a second chance at life.