December 04, 2017


Two extraordinary things happened to Chris this year that have given him a new lease on life. Chris has been homeless since he was 16. He is now 56. He has lived his life either on the streets or in and out of shelters between here and Toronto.

Chris came to The Ottawa Mission a year ago. He was suffering from cancer and became a patient at our Hospice. He came and went from the Hospice while he underwent surgery and treatment and recently, while still in our care, he received the wonderful news that his cancer was in remission. That’s the first extraordinary thing.

While staying with us and gaining strength, we connected Chris with resources to find him somewhere to live and now, for the first time in his life, he has a place to call home. That’s the second extraordinary thing.

Of his time at The Mission, Chris says, “You couldn’t ask for better people. They’ve given me a chance that I’ve never had before.”

Despite his hardships, Chris has always felt empathy for others in his situation, and gave his time, when he could, to volunteer at soup kitchens.

Chris is now living in a supported housing facility, continuing to regain his health, and strengthening his commitment to finding a way to give back and help others. He aspires to be an outreach worker and his strong faith guides him in his journey. As Chris told us, “Even though it seems sometimes like there is no point in going on, faith will bring you hope.” We couldn’t agree more.