October 21, 2016

Chad is forever thankful

Recently we received a note on our Facebook page from Chad, a former resident of our shelter who was marking a special anniversary.  It was four years to the day since he had first slept at The Mission.

We reached out to congratulate him and learned Chad’s life had changed significantly in those four years!

He says he struggled a lot in his youth and had little support. By his thirties, Chad was dealing with a serious addiction. After arriving at The Mission in the middle of winter with only the clothes on his back, he spent a month in the shelter before moving into our Stabilization unit, where people get support to stabilize their lives and their health before entering addiction treatment.  Chad says his time in Stabilization was life-changing.  “After years of suffering, I finally felt secure in sharing my pain. People really listened to me, and they gave me the strength and courage to pursue long term treatment.”

Chad left Stabilization after 3 months to go into a treatment program, but he never completely left The Mission.  Since he was without a family doctor, he continued to visit our medical clinic twice a month to deal with some ongoing health issues.  Chad cannot say enough about the care he received.  “I have not met any people more caring than the nurse practitioners at The Mission.  And this sense of caring extends to everyone I met at The Mission – the Front Line staff, kitchen staff, custodians, counselors, and even the other clients.  It’s a very special place and it changed my life.”

After successfully finishing his treatment, Chad went on to work for a local recovery program and is now  going to Algonquin College to pursue a career in social work.  He recently married, is in great health, and remains sober and committed to his new life.  And he couldn’t be more thankful.