September 01, 2015


When Bruce arrived at The Ottawa Mission in 2014, at over six feet tall he weighed just 140 pounds. His addiction had taken control of his life, and he felt that – after many years of struggling – he had reached the end of the road. What’s happened since then has awakened Bruce to a new life filled with sobriety, good health, and an abundance of hope. But it wasn’t easy…

Bruce tried to complete our Stabilization program – where men receive counselling and support before entering long-term treatment – no less than three times. After three unsuccessful attempts, he was amazed when he was offered a fourth opportunity. As Bruce says, “I was about ready to give up hope of ever getting sober – but the people at The Mission wouldn’t let me. They cared about me and believed in me, and I finally came to believe in myself.”

Bruce made it through Stabilization on his fourth attempt and then enrolled in our five month LifeHouse residential treatment program. He has since finished his time at LifeHouse, and is now living on his own. He still receives aftercare counselling at The Mission on a regular basis as he continues his recovery.

Most importantly for Bruce, he has reconnected with his entire family, and he is finding great joy in getting to know his 7 year old granddaughter and year old grandson.

For Bruce and so many others like him, the gift of hope is a powerful thing indeed.