December 04, 2017


It’s been a rough few years for 56 year-old Barry. He had a good job for 14 years as a window installer until the company closed its doors. And then he had some serious medical problems that left him with a long recuperation and unable to work. For the first time in his life, Barry found himself needing social assistance to make ends meet.

As time went by, Barry’s health improved, but he couldn’t uncover any job opportunities. Part of the problem was, having been in the same job for so long, Barry was at a loss as to how to conduct an effective job search. Barry’s brother had spent some time at The Ottawa Mission, and he recommended that Barry connect with our Client Services Centre.

The Mission’s Client Services Centre provides a variety of support to people who are struggling – whether they’re looking for housing, upgrading their education and job skills, or looking for referrals to other community support services. For Barry, it was all about finding a job. Staff helped him in so many ways – building a solid resume, providing training in computer basics, hands-on assistance with his job search, helping complete application forms, and even accessing the proper clothing to wear to interviews.

Today, Barry is working full-time, and he is so thankful for all the support he received. “People were unbelievably helpful, and their kindness put a smile in my heart. I’m so grateful that this type of service was available for me. They went the extra mile for me, and I’ll never forget it.”