October 01, 2013

At The Ottawa Mission – We Got Ginch!

For the fifth year running a uniquely decorated RV pulled up outside The Ottawa Mission on Daly Street this morning to make a special delivery – of men’s underwear. And you can always tell who’s coming down the street because of the white briefs billowing from their side-view mirrors!

Since 2009, Brent King and Robb Price have been spearheading the “Got Ginch” campaign to help thousands of people across Canada by providing homeless shelters with this much-needed item. Through generous support and lots of fundraising work, they are able to purchase a bulk shipment of underwear and personally delivery it to shelters from Vancouver to Halifax.

Today, The Ottawa Mission was the 8th stop in their cross-country odyssey, and there was a good crowd of Mission staff and residents on hand to greet them and to thank them for their wonderful generosity.

This year, for the first time, Got Ginch teamed up with a new initiative – called “Need Knickers” – and was able to make women’s underwear part of the special delivery to shelters. In Ottawa, “Need Knickers” delivered boxes of women’s underwear to Cornerstone, an emergency shelter for women.

Our thanks to Brent and Robb for keeping this wonderful initiative going over the years, and we look forward to seeing them again in 2014.     Godspeed on the rest of your journey!