June 08, 2020

Always There When Needed

Rob is a father of two in his late fifties. His addiction was devastating to both his family life and his physical health. It began at a very early age during a childhood damaged by two parents who suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. Rob became a shield of protection for his mother when dad was drunk and violent. Coping with such a horrible situation led Rob to develop his own destructive pattern of behaviour. It took until Rob was in his late forties to finally accept that he needed to get clean.

“I went to detox 32 times, and 3 rehab centres, trying to get clean. Each time I came home and used right away,” Rob admits, “and I thought I would never get it, and die an addict.” By the time he was 56, Rob arrived at The Mission where he admits to being puzzled by how kind and helpful everyone was towards him. He entered the Hope Wing and had successfully been off drugs for fourteen months when his heavy tobacco habit took its toll.

Rob was struck by a heart attack in January of 2020 and required surgery at the Ottawa Heart Institute. He considers it a great irony that he ended up back at The Mission, this time recovering from a double bypass in The Hospice. The Mission’s health care team is particularly adept at providing medical care and support to those who are also recovering from addiction. It is a unique and invaluable skill set, and makes all the difference to individuals like Rob. “I am very grateful to The Mission,” Rob shares, “and I am still not using drugs. I’m even quitting smoking!” He’s looking forward to enjoying sunshine and summer air.

The Ottawa Mission understands the unique medical needs of the homeless and how proper care can contribute to recovery and a better, healthier future. Our Dymon Health Clinic is made possible by the kindness and generosity of donors like you.

Rob is very grateful. “When I look at the last forty years,” he says, “I thought I would never be grateful. Now I am so thankful and happy that The Mission helped me change my life.”