June 05, 2019

Albert’s inspiration

When Albert walked inside The Ottawa Mission and read the sign on the wall over the front door – our mission statement – he knew he had come to the right place.  And the progress he has made in the past five months is a testament to not only the support he has received to “build a wholesome life”, but also to his own hard work
and determination.

Albert had a career he loved – working with children and adults with disabilities – when his life spiralled out of control with addiction.  He lost his job, his home and his family connections.  For many years he drifted around Ontario – and even stayed for a time at The Mission over a decade ago.  When Albert decided to make some serious life changes, he knew that The Mission would offer him the tools and support he needed.

When he began staying with us, Albert had 10 goals in mind.  By his latest calculation, he has achieved 33.  Here are just a few.  Beyond regaining his health, and achieving six months of sobriety, he has worked to get his identification papers back in order, found employment, and applied for college to take courses to get his career back on track.  And, at the top of his list, he has reconnected with family members – including his daughter and brother – whom he had not spoken to for 15 years.

Albert says that the staff at The Mission have inspired and motivated him every step of his journey so far.  “I am very grateful for all the support and positive reinforcement I have received, and to everyone who supports the work of The Mission.  My life has changed because of this place.”