April 02, 2013

A Helping Hand in Times of Need

Many different types of people walk through the doors of The Ottawa Mission every day.  Some need medical help or addiction treatment.  Others are facing day to day challenges that they can’t overcome on their own, and need food, a place to sleep, and some basic help to get back on their feet.  Benoit is one such person.

Benoit first came to The Ottawa Mission in 1999 out of work, hungry and homeless.  He stayed at the shelter for several months and with help from staff was able to find a job and move out on his own.  Even after he left the shelter, he still relied on The Mission for his meals, as do so many people living on limited incomes.

Recently, Benoit hit another rough patch in his life, and he turned once again to The Mission because he knew he would be welcomed here and would find the help he needed.  He is staying at the shelter, working hard with our staff to find affordable housing, and has meetings set up with potential employers.

Benoit appreciates all of the gifts of hope he has received at The Mission over the years.   As he says, “I know I can rely on The Mission if I really need help, and I’m thankful to all those who donate for their support of this special place.”